14 December 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Spanks - 1

Director - Scott Derrickson

Writers - David Scarpa

Starring - Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates & Jaden Smith

Release Date - 12 December 2008

MPAA Rating - PG-13

The Day the Earth Stood Still
is one of the worst remakes Hollywood ever made. It was even worse than War of the Worlds and Poseidon. It also completely misses the point of what the original was all about... although they tried. The original was about nuclear war, and the people of Earth had to disarm of be destroyed, and you could feel that part of the story. In this version, the humans were destroying the planet so they had to be eliminated because the planet is one of a few that could sustain life and the humans didn't know how to change, but it didn't have that impact on the story. I in no way want to "Go Green" after watching it. I do want to get my green back from 20th Century Fox.

Gort was just a crappy unoriginal made CGI with a eye that moves exactly like a Battlestar Galactica Cylon. As is normal with Hollywood, Gort had to be bigger so they made him the size of Godzilla. They should have left him a really tall guy in a suit, he would have looked more believable and terrifying and not stupid.

The most memorable and important line of the original was just thrown into the remake to mean almost nothing. It isn't even noticeable. I had to find out where it happened on the IMDB message boards, because I missed it, and I was wasn't making fun of the film yet.

The film even had a War of the Worlds like ending. I don't know if they just ran out of money or film or the writer got writers block when writing the final reel.

If you pretend the movie is not a remake, would only make it slightly better (it might have got 2 spanks). If you are interested in seeing The Day the Earth Stood Still, spend 10 dollars to buy the DVD or 4 to rent the original 1951.

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Rodney said...

Hate remakes for the obvious reasons that you have pointed out many times. Missing line You don't mean Gort! Klaatu Baratu niktu, do you? That would be asinine! I came across a battery-operated Gort on e-bay. Got to get a picture to you at the station. Want to see this one. Is Michael Rennie rolling over in his grave? LOL!