02 December 2008


Spanks - 2

Director - Catherine Hardwicke

Writers - Melissa Rosenberg

Starring - Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Peter Facinelli & Taylor Lautner

Release Date - 21 November 2008

MPAA Rating - PG-13

Twilight is nothing more than a chick flick that happens to have vampires, but a completely boring version of a vampire. The vampires are in no way scary, they can be in the sunlight, they have a reflection, they are pretty much just regular people who can run fast, hit a baseball far, and jump high.

The film follows the story of Bella. A teenage girl who moves from Arizona to live with her dad in a small town in Washington. At school she meets this mysterious boy, Edward Cullen, who keeps to himself and his family. They fall for each other, but they shouldn't be together because he is a vampire, and he has to fight just to not eat her. He doesn't, the Cullen family excepts her, all is going uneventful and boring until about a half hour left in the film when the bad vampires show up. A very little more excitement happens. The end... until the sequel comes out in 2010.

The film has a few laughs, but not good laughs. The acting is comical at times between Edward and Bella. The "running" special effects are terrible, worse then when Clark Kent runs in Superman The Movie 30 years ago. Every time Peter Facinelli came on screen I laughed, because I couldn't get get the image of him as Mike Dexter from Can't Hardly Wait out of my head.

The film moved very slow, and did not keep my attention. I looked at my cell phone clock at one point to see how much time was left, and I never do that. All of my girl friends who have seen it have loved it and some have gone and seen it more then once. If your female, you will enjoy this film, but if your the boyfriend hang out with the guys that night.


Rodney said...

Don't plan on seeing this one. Had it pegged as a chickflick from all the hype. Judging from the displays at Border's, it seems to be a teenie chickflick at that.

"All of my girlfriends"????? Hey Spanky, you better hope that Acklnacle doesn't read your reviews!! Bad choice of words, buddy LOL!!!

konali gupta said...

finally i find someone who shares my sentiments on the movie.
being a girl i can understand why there is a hype about the movie. the edward cullen character, minus the vampire part mind u, is something to swoon over...
but thats it. i cant say anything better. even the books suck. i had to check the number of pages which i dont really do