30 November 2010


Spanks - 1

Director - George Tillman Jr.

Writers - Tony Gayton, Joe Gayton

Starring - Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino, Tom Berenger

Release Date - 24 November 2010

MPAA Rating - R

Faster is the first Dwayne Johnson action movie in six years. He should stick to comedy and children's movies if he is going to make action films like this one. In Faster, his character is jailed for robbery for ten years. Now that he is free, his only goal is to get revenge and kill everyone who was involved in the robbery that had him put in prison and his brother murdered. Billy Bob Thornton plays a drug addicted detective that is a week from retirement. There is a hitman that the bad guys hire to kill Dwayne Johnson's character. I guess killing him in prison would have been too easy.

The film is unoriginal and extremely predictable. There wasn't any part in the 98 minutes run time that I was surprised by what happened. They didn't do anything groundbreaking or original in the cinematography. It is a very generic movie.

If you want a good revenge movie just watch any of the Transporter films, Kill Bill or Taken instead.