05 October 2008


Spanks - 3

Director - Larry Charles

Writers - Bill Maher

Starring - Bill Maher

Release Date - 3 October 2008

MPAA Rating - R

Religulous is a documentary about religion directed by the guy who did Borat and starring the guy from Politically Incorrect. It discuses how religion is "old", "wrong", "stupid", and "fake". It is very one sided, Bill Maher doesn't try at all to believe anything anyone of his interviewees are saying. He interviews people from Christian, Jewish, and Muslim groups, all from the groups that are way off the wall. A Puerto Rician minister who says he is the second coming of Jesus, a Jewish rabbi who is against the nation of Isreal and believes the Holocaust isn't real, and a guy from the Cannabis Ministry in Amsterdam to give you a couple of examples. It also has a good segment about how religion and war are tied together.

The film is very funny, but doesn't come close to Borat. Some of the funniest parts are when they cut away from the interview to a video to go against what they are saying. It is also funny when Bill Maher ask a question they don't have a pre-scripted answer for and just look dumbfounded at him. I will say he is very mean to his interviewees too, but he is usually mean to the guest on his show, so its nothing new for Bill Maher.

The documentary, although completely biased (but name me one that isn't), was very interesting. If you are religious you will most likely hate this movie. If you have an open mind you might like it.

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