19 October 2008


Spanks - 2.5

Director - Oliver Stone

Writers - Stanley Weiser

Starring - Josh Brolin, James Cromwell, Richard Dreyfuss, Scott Glenn & Elizabeth Banks

Release Date - 17 October 2008

MPAA Rating - PG-13

The film W. is not a comedy like the trailer makes it out to be. It is funny just because when George W. Bush talks, it is funny. The film is a biography of our current president, and is the first to be made of a sitting president. The film takes the viewer there Bush's life from college (undergraduate) until "the end" of the Iraq War (2004).

The casting of the film was perfect. Everyone looked almost exactly like the person they were portraying, and got the accents down too. Thandie Newton who played Condoleezza Rice was the best of the supporting cast. Josh Brolin could be Bush if you were not paying attention to what you were seeing or hearing.

The film is very interesting. I learned a lot about our president. I didn't know he didn't want to go into politics when he was young, or that he was that big of a slacker or that Colin Powell was completely against the Iraq War and fought with him to not invade. It was very slow and boring at parts. There was one scene in the middle that was so slow that i nodded off for a couple minutes. It is definitely worth watching, just not at the theater for at least 7 bucks.

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movie fan said...

Josh Brolin did a convincing Dubya, though he reminded me a lot of his cowboy character from No Country for Old Men... over all, i don't doubt that 'W.' will have the effect Oliver Stone desired