26 September 2008


Spanks - 2

Director - Jeffrey Nachmanoff

Writers - Jeffrey Nachmanoff & Steve Martin

Starring - Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Saïd Taghmaoui, Neal McDonough and Jeff Daniels

Release Date - 27 August 2008

MPAA Rating - PG-13

Traitor tells the story of a fictional Islamic terrorist group plotting attacks on the United States with the help of American Samir Horn who was previously in the armed forces. Getting in Samir's way is FBI agent Roy Clayton. The film follows Samir across three continents to complete his mission with agent Clayton on his trail.

I went into this film not know what it was about or what to expect. It was very interesting and suspenseful. I kept wanting to know what was going to happen next. There were a few times in the movie where I never expected what was going to happen next. It also gives you the terrorist point of view, and not the terrorist side from the good guys point of view, which doesn't happen often in Hollywood. I was expecting and hoping for an unexpected Arlington Road like ending, unfortunately that ending never came. It had the ending I didn't want to happen when the Future Mrs. Spanky suggested it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review now I'll go see it tomorrow.

Tell Tommy G he's the best

Ryan from Cherry Hill

Anonymous said...

I put this comment on the wrong comment. I meant I will see burn after reading.

Ryan from Cherry Hill

Your reviews are good keep them coming.