07 March 2010

The Wolfman

Spanks - 2

Director - Joe Johnston

Writer - Andrew Kevin Walker and David Self

Starring - Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, Geraldine Chaplin, and Hugo Weaving

Release Date - 12 February 2010

MPAA Rating - R

The Wolfman is Universal Studios latest remake of their classic monster movie franchises. The film follows English actor Lawrence Talbot who returns home to Blackmoor England, after being sent to the United States when he was younger, after a letter arrives that his brother was missing. After finding his brother's body ripped apart he investigates what killed him. During the investigation he is attacked and bitten in the neck by a wolf, which causes him to change on the full moon.

The film has its highs and lows. Unfortunately, the highs only occur when there is a werewolf on screen. The non-lycan part of the film is very boring, which sadly used more film stock than the werewolf parts. One is not seen until about a half hour into the movie. Once the wolf shows up, it gets violent and sometimes brutal, and many people, some of whom are innocent, are torn to pieces.

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