03 November 2008

My Name Is Bruce

Spanks - 4.5

Director - Bruce Campbell

Writers - Mark Verheiden

Starring - Bruce Campbell, Grace Thorsen, Taylor Sharpe and Ted Raimi

Release Date - 31 October 2008 (Limited Release)

MPAA Rating - R

My Name is Bruce a horror film starring Bruce Campbell as Bruce Campbell, but a loser/alcoholic version of himself. In the town of Gold Luck Oregon, the Chinese god of war Guan-Di (who is also the protector of the dead) is accidentally released by the local teenagers. Guan-Di starts killing the residents and to stop him Jeff (the one who releases Guan-Di) kidnaps Bruce Campbell thinking he can really stop and kill demons like in the Evil Dead movies. Campbell thinks its his birthday present from his agent so he plays along until he realizes Guan-Di is not a guy in a rubber suit.

The film is cheesy in every way to give it the B movie feel. Since Bruce Campbell is "the greatest actor of his generation" and the king of B movies this works. It isn't full of inside jokes that only people who have seen all of Campbell's movies would get, there are a couple. The film will not come close to winning an Academy Award, but its tremendously entertaining and the funniest film to come out since Tropic Thunder. If Army of Darkness is on your list of favorite movies you will love this film. If it isn't, get the DVD's of both films, because they are awesome.

This film is playing at a very limited release. It is playing the Ritz at the Bourse in Philadelphia and Sunshine Cinema in New York City at the time of publication.

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